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AZO GmbH + Co. KG


Our Company

AZO provides reliable automation of production processes in the areas of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics.

We plan, produce and install machines and systems all over the world for storing, discharging, screening, conveying, dosing and weighing bulk goods, powder components, flavorings, additives, ultra-low quantities or fluids. Our systems make sure that all recipe components reach the correct processing operation at the right time and in the right quantity.

The AZO Group of companies with its headquarters in Osterburken, Germany, is a family firm now managed in the third generation. Our customers benefit from the high quality and reliability of our solutions as well as on more than 65 years of experience in automatic material supply. Time and time again, we look for the best solution for our customers from the drawing board, therefore we are now one of the world's leading companies when it comes to automatic handling of bulk goods and liquids.

All round the globe, we support our successful customers in turning their innovative projects into reality with technologies of the future. Even though we are a global player with a worldwide presence, every single AZO solution keeps the quality promised by the "Engineered in Germany" cachet.

You can also secure your prominent position with efficient, sustainable and energy-efficient automation concepts from the number one in mixer loading: Made by AZO!

"Customer satisfaction is the benchmark for measuring everything we do."

Robert and Rainer Zimmermann,
directors and shareholders

For us, the benchmark for measuring everything we do to achieve customer satisfaction through first-class products and services, and through cooperation based on partnership and high levels of expertise.


These quality objectives are defined in detail by our executive management team and are embodied in our corporate guidelines. We ensure that all other company objectives are in harmony with this quality-based policy.

The highest benchmark for our quality is to achieve customer satisfaction. Every customer learns to rely on us, and all commitments we make are honoured consistently.

Our quality management system is based on DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 and serves the purpose of manufacturing high-quality machines and systems which satisfy the requirements of our customers. Quality management is a central management task in each of our divisions.

The skill, reliability and commitment of each of our employees are essential aspects of our ability to achieve high quality targets. The quality management handbook is available to every employee and describes all procedures, processes, operating and inspection instructions with which they have to comply.

We are firmly committed to improve our high standards of quality continuously through intensive further training and internal audits.


Our customers and their needs are the focal point for everything we do here at AZO. Cooperation with our customers based on partnership is one of the main reasons for our success.

We operate all over the world for manufacturing companies involved in the processing of main components, small components and tiny quantities in powder and liquid form. Our customers are successful and forward-looking companies. They are drawn from the foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics sectors.

We focus on creating relationships based on partnership, involving full-spectrum consultancy, support and training for all customers operating our equipment. We also set high quality standards for our global service and spare parts service.

Success factors for our customers are:

Our automatic delivery systems and IT solutions with their convenient operating concepts satisfy the contemporary needs for a fully-automated production process.

Our equipment and our automation systems enable our customers to achieve consistently high levels of product quality from their production systems.

Legislative requirements, such as the one applicable from January 2005 specifying batch traceability and the ATEX guidelines, can all be met reliably with existing AZO solutions, which also comply with prevailing environmental requirements.

Our manufacturing customers operate sealed-system AZO equipment: low levels of dust, easy to clean and hygienic.

We integrate all raw materials in the production process. Mistakes with raw materials, incorrect batches, material losses and production fluctuations are now all a thing of the past.

Our automation technology enables us to achieve clear definition and to monitor the various stages of responsibility for quality. Inspection costs are reduced to a minimum.

Our process control technology supports the optimization of recipes and the flexible and on-time planning of production.

Our technology seamlessly documents the entire manufacturing process. The entire process is verifiable – from raw materials supplier right through to the finished final product. This lays superb foundations on which we can build quality products.


Our employees have a decisive role to play in our success. We employ highly-motivated, skilled people imbued with a genuine awareness of what constitutes quality. A positive attitude towards our customers, the market and the work we do is an essential requirement for every person on our payroll. Each of us is called upon to work in a team and to progress continuously through lifetime learning. Remuneration commensurate with performance is a key factor in our company.


We build on cooperation with skilled partners to optimize our products and to enhance our ability to deliver what our customers need.

The environment

We are committed to protecting our environment. We are dedicated to conserving our resources.

Our company

We are an independent, medium-sized and family-owned business. Over the last few decades, we have won some significant market shares. Our products stand head and shoulders above those of our competitors. We develop, sell, plan and build equipment, machines and automation systems with the aim of creating fully-automatic production processes. Our automatic feeding systems reliably transport all raw materials used in production operations.

Our ambition is to be different from, and better than, other market players. We view ourselves as an innovative supplier of complete systems for storing, discharging, conveying, metering, weighing, distributing, drying, delivering, controlling, documenting and displaying.

We want to be a company that keeps on growing. A will to work hard and to think as a team assure our continued success. The profits achieved help to build our equity strength and continuous innovations help to secure the future of our business. We are committed to maintaining our presence in Germany and aim to continue creating jobs and training opportunities both now and into the future.

We are committed to the people in our region. We wish to shape our future on a joint basis with our employees!