Wireless Automation Technology

Automation Technology Moves Towards The Wireless Era

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Productivity Enhancement Applications:

  • ● Remotely access process control and asset-management systems
  • ● Broadcast messages to specific groups using VoIP, VoWLAN, SMS, conference calls, voice mails etc.
  • ● Access maintenance work orders and instructions through handheld communicators
  • ● Track or report inspections, tests and repairs

Plant Management Applications:

  • ● Plant surveillance to monitor fence lines, entrances, or remote tank farm areas
  • ● Safely monitoring for workers in hazardous locations
  • ● Monitoring flare, smoke stacks and loading terminals
  • ● Monitoring safety areas like mustering stations and safety showers

This is just a broad classification of most widely observed WSN applications. However, it may be noted here that the use of WSN is not limited to the aforesaid list and keeps growing at rapid pace in novel areas and vivid domains. Even in demanding applications such as North Sea offshore oil productions... More on page 6!