Wireless Automation Technology

Automation Technology Moves Towards The Wireless Era

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Classification of WSN applications:

Asset Protection Applications for Wireless Technology:

  • Monitoring of bearing pressure, pump pressure, vibration, corrosion, safety relief valve emissions for more effective regulatory compliance
  • Wireless vibration sensors for real-time view of rotating equipment health
  • Automated status checking of previously unmonitored equipment such as on/off valves, pumps etc.

Automation for Process Monitoring Applications:

  • Monitoring of - crude oil, gas plant, LDAR, offshore gas, oil production, oil well, pipeline pressure, pressure gauge, relief valve (LDAR), remote vessel pressure, rupture disc (LDAR), tank level etc.
  • Environmental surveys, inventory management
  • Process control (PID), supervisory control
  • Elimination of clipboard rounds, gaining valuable insight into process

Safety, Health and Environment Applications:

  • Location monitoring, mustering solutions, mobile operators and maintenance, field asset maintenance and mobility
  • Monitoring safety showers, pressure relief and safety valves
  • Accurately measure emissions and environmental compliance
  • People tracking, wireless video

Productivity Enhancement and Plant Management: The list goes on... on page 5!

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