Uatomation for Bulk Handling Automation Technology Improves the Use of Real Time Data

Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

In minerals processing and aggregate production, today’s top drivers are safety, productivity and cost efficiency. As raw materials and other resources become scarcer and plants look for new ways to be more efficient, Metso is developing its offering in intelligent processes and service solutions to help customers meet these challenges.

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(Picture: Metso)

Automation and intelligent solutions enable plants to improve both their financial and environmental performance. Metso provides these industries with a unique combination of in-house expertise on processes, plant-wide automation and energy-efficient equipment and processes. Recently, Metso DNA systems have been ordered, for example, from SSGPO in Kazakhstan, Codelco El Teniente in Chile and Norilsk Nickel Kolskaya GMK in Russia.

“In hard economic times when plants have no extra money for new machine investments, they can get more out of their existing equipment and processes through automation and intelligent solutions. Productivity and cost efficiency can be improved by optimizing process performance and minimizing lost time,” says Kari Heikkilä, Director, Minerals Processing Systems, Automation, Metso.

According to Heikkilä, Metso is currently developing solutions that will embed automation even further within the machines, enabling them to intelligently communicate with each other. Active R&D within Metso and collaboration with recognized research institutes keeps the company at the forefront of technology.

Better Availability and Productivity

By enabling better process control and visibility, an advanced automation system keeps processes running smoothly. Accurate online measurement information and diagnostics show how the machines and the plant are working; a single piece of data can make or break the process. For example, condition monitoring solutions installed on large machines enable preventive maintenance and help avoid costly unplanned downtime, resulting in better machine reliability and availability.

“You have to measure a process in order to control it. Plant stability is the key to good overall capacity, high-quality end products and safe operation,” Heikkilä continues.

Declining ore grades and complex ores with more impurities mean getting more out of less and cause headaches in minerals processing. Minerals recovery can be optimized and production boosted through seamless integration between Metso’s systems, online data, equipment, services and innovations. It also enables the reduction of energy and water consumption, resulting not only in cost efficiency but also in a lower environmental impact.