Automation Automation and Actuators for Valves

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Automation specialist Sipos Aktorik, a former Siemens subsidiary, presents valve automation solutions. The company's Sipos 5HiMod, an electric actuator, was developed to operate in conditions requiring very high control quality.

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Actuators and automation solutions for valves.
Actuators and automation solutions for valves.
(Picture: Sipos)

Offering advanced flexibility and accuracy, HiMod actuators support the also challenging valve control requirements, the manufacturer states. As part of Sipos' portfolio of specialist variable speed and standard actuators, the product provides high end sophisticated technology with long life components backed by a five year warranty for motor and gearing. Among the quality features of the 5 HiMod is a Highres Absolute Position encoder with a maximum tolerance of 0.003%.

By means of this encoder, the HiMod actuator registers the position of the output shaft even when there is a power failure, if the position of the output shaft is altered by operating the hand wheel. The Sipos 5 Flash range of rotary, linear and part-turn actuators will also be featured in Ecotron and Profitron versions. Capability in real-time distributed control is also demonstrated with Sipo’s Sima master station.

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