Fluid Bed Processes Automated Washing in Place

Editor: Sonja Beyer

Glatt equipped its Procell mobile fluid bed Labsystem with a new WIP (wash in place) option. This feature helps to recreate and test cleaning steps in scale–up processes, the manufacturer says.

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(Picture: Glatt)
(Picture: Glatt)

Washing nozzles on the filter tray and within the process chamber allow for a complete cleaning of the unit without previous disassembling. The WIP process effectively protects the operating from contact with product dusts. Fluid bed processes can be tested with the ProCell Labsystem by using either the “AGT system” or the “GF system”. By using the smallest process chamber the AGT procedure results in high fluidizing velocities. The GF system is significantly larger and can be equipped with the Wurster insert, allowing sophisticated coating processes, typical in batch processing layouts. The standard unit ProCell LabSystem is equipped with a cartridge filter. In order to work with smaller product volumes a bag filter is supplied.