Valve Actuators Auma’s Enhanced Actuator Range

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Auma’s compact SGC part-turn and SVC globe valve actuators have been considerably enhanced.

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Auma’s SGC and SVC actuators are particularly suited to automate butterfly, ball, plug and globe valves.
Auma’s SGC and SVC actuators are particularly suited to automate butterfly, ball, plug and globe valves.
(Picture: Auma)

An additional size for the SGC part-turn actuators, the new SGC 12.1, extends the torque range from 500 Nm to 1,000 Nm. Additionally, the two-layer powder coating, already standard for other products in Auma’s portfolio, is now also applied to SGC and SVC actuators, providing excellent corrosion protection.

Both SGC and SVC actuators are of compact design with outstanding control characteristics. Main features include adjustable speed and an ellipto-centric gearing, which is virtually free from backlash. All components required for operation are integrated in a single housing.

Once power supply is connected, the actuators function immediately and can be operated via standard integral local controls. If installed where access is difficult, it is now possible to mount the local controls separately from the actuator: local controls and actuator are connected using a cable set available from Auma.

Further innovations include an enhanced stroke range for the SVC globe valve actuators that has almost quadrupled from 25 to 99 turns. DCS-related enhancements have also been made. The analogue input can be used either as target position value or target speed, and the number of binary inputs has been increased from three to four.

Additionally, alongside Profibus DP, a Modbus RTU interface is now available, which is particularly suited for line topology implementation. In combination with the Auma Sima Master Station, actuators equipped with a Modbus interface can be operated within a redundant Modbus loop.

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