Electric actuators


Electric actuators for automating industrial valves. Multi-turn actuators and part-turn actuators for open-close and modulating duty with wide torque range. Intefaces to all DCS systems available established in process automation.

Torque ranges

Multi-turn actuators SA: 10 Nm - 32,000 Nm

Part-turn actuators SQ: 50 Nm - 2,400 Nm

  • Suitable for modulating duty in SAR resp. SQR version
  • Enclosure protection IP 68
  • Ambient temperatures from –50 °C to 80 °C
  • Corrosion protection up to C5 according to EN ISO 12944-2

All actuators are manufactured upon orders. Due to the modular design, the customer is able to define the optimum device configuration for the application.

The actuators can be integrated into any conventional DCS. They are available as NORM version, with simple integral controls AM or microcontroller operated AC controls. Actuators with integral controls are ready for operation immediately after connection to the power supply and can be operated via local controls. Depending on the version, commissioning can be performed without tools and without opening the device housing. Commissioning and diagnostics is possible via the CDT software, free of charge. Connection between PDA or laptop and the actuator is made on the basis of Bluetooth connection.

Installation is extremely easy. Plug-in couplings allow easy adaptation between actuator and the valve; electrical connection is made via plug/socket connector with large terminal compartment.

Control from the DCS is possible either using the operation commands OPEN-STOP-CLOSE or by defining a position setpoint. Commands or feedback signals are exchanged either via conventional parallel interfaces of via fieldbus interfaces. AUMA devices support fieldbus protocols.