Refinery Turnarounds Asian Refiners Use Low-Demand Season for Maintenance Works

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Heavy turnarounds ahead: According to a recent Global Data study, refiners in china and India are planning a lot of scheduled maintenance and turnaround works at their plants during the second half of 2013...

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(Picture: PROCESS)

This schedule makes sense as the demand for petroleum products is traditionally low in winter. Now Indian oil plans a full turnaround taking 45 days of its 160,000 barrels Mathura refiners plus a revamp of the on–site fluid catalytic cracker. Kochi refinery, one of the major refineries in India, will see maintenance works on an atmospheric distillation unit and a 50.2 mbd diesel hydro-treating unit, Bharat Petroleum stated.

China will see a maintenance shutdown at an FCC in the Huizhou refinery as well as a 50–days turnaround of the Fujian facility. The market researchers do not expect these plans to have big influences on petroleum product prices.

Meanwhile, US refiners could profit from turnarounds in Brazil: As Petrobras will have to overhaul two of its plants by the end of the year, the country's demand for refined products from the US will likely rise.

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