HEC Additives Ashland Plans to Expand Production for HEC Additives in Nanjing

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Ashland's Specialty Ingredients´ unit plans to expands its production capacities for hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) in Nanjing by 4,000 metric tons, or approximately 40 percent. The expansion will be divided in two phases of 2,000 tons each, during the next 18 months.

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(Picture: Ashland)

Nanjing/PR China – Ashland's four-year-old facility, which employs more than one hundred workers, is located in the Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, a modern, highly integrated chemical manufacturing complex. HEC is a cellulosic polymer used as an additive in a wide variety of industrial and consumer products, including latex paints, paper coatings and personal care items such as shampoos and shower gels.

The additional capacity will come on line in two phases. The first 2,000 metric tons will be available in early 2015 to support the spring paint season, and the second 2,000 metric tons will be available in late 2015.

“By expanding our production capacity for HEC, we will be positioned to meet increasing demand from our customers and support them in contributing to a sustainable development,” said William Zhao, business head, Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Greater China region. “It also underlines our confidence in the fast-growing industrial and consumer markets in China and the Asia Pacific region.”

Added Ed Connors, group vice president, Industrial Specialties, Ashland Specialty Ingredients: “This major investment demonstrates Ashland’s ongoing commitment to the strategic HEC business and solidifies Ashland’s strong leadership position. We believe this investment will allow us to continue to serve the growing needs of our customers.”