Japan: Fibres & Textiles Asahi Kasei Expands Production of Microfibre Suede in Japan

Editor: Alexander Stark

Asahi Kasei’s Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Fibers & Textiles announced that it will expand the production capacity of Lamous microfiber suede at its site in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan.

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Asahi Kasei's headquarters in Tokyo
Asahi Kasei's headquarters in Tokyo
(Source: Asahi Kasei)

Düsseldorf/Germany — After completion of the expansion measures, the plant will have capacity of approx. 3 million m2 per year. Groundbreaking took place in the first half of 2017; Start-up is scheduled for the first half of 2019.

The company's three-layer fibre its unique three-layered microstructure which allows free combinations of the raw materials. The three-layer structured Lamous is made of the front, back, and core layers. They are three-dimensionally entangled with microfibers, and the core layer is composed of a fine, specially-woven fabric called “scrim,” which improves strength and dimensional stability. Impregnation with water-based polyurethane imparts a soft and highly flexible texture.

The use of microfiber suede (artificial suede) has been actively expanded by the company worldwide in a wide variety of applications including automotive interiors, furniture upholstery, IT accessories, apparel, and industrial materials.

Sold in markets around the world, Lamous is enjoying strong demand growth in automotive interiors. The company expects the growing demand for this material to continue and has therefore decided to expand its production capacity.

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