The Search for the right Pump

Applying the Correct Pump Technology

You can’t do a job properly if you are not equipped with the proper tools. Selecting the right pump technology for a specific task can be a challenge. This whitepaper provides important insights into pump technology and application…



A baseball player doesn’t stride to the plate to face a fireballing right-hander armed with a fly swatter. A professor of nuclear physics doesn’t use Fun with Dick and Jane as a textbook. And you wouldn’t unload a railcar filled with thousands of gallons of vegetable oil with a straw.
In other words, it’s hard to do the job correctly if you aren’t equipped with the proper tools. In the  case of the first two examples, the solution is easy – bring a bat to the plate and provide your students with a textbook that covers the basics of nuclear physics. It’s when we consider the third example that the list of things to consider grows exponentially before you can confidently choose the correct pump for the application – things like flow rate and required pressure and how they help to determine proper pump size, desired operating efficiency and total life cycle costs, product temperature and viscosity, suction-lift requirements, corrosive and erosive properties of the product and the material compatibility of the pumping equipment to those properties, the best way to ensure product containment and eliminate cross-contamination, how the pump will be driven nd at what speed are among the considerations that immediately come to mind.
Incorporating all of these considerations into your pump-selection process can seem daunting. There are just so many technologies from which to choose. However, there is one basic technology that can maximize operating performance across a wide range of applications…

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