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Application Booklet- How to Prepare Samples for SEM

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Application Booklet- How to Prepare Samples for SEM

Are you interested in reading interesting applications of ion beam milling, take a look at this specially prepared booklet. Specialists from Leica Microsystems have collected over 20 different examples featuring different samples for SEM.

Today, ion beam milling is one of the most widely-used methods for preparing samples for electron microscopy. During this process, the sample material is bombarded with a high-energy argon-ion beam to achieve high quality cross-sections and polished surfaces whilst minimizing deformation or damage. Did you know that it is possible to create high-quality cross-sections through a touchscreen to display all layers - polymer layer, layers of adhesive and glass substrate? Did you ever try to display the grain boundaries and substructures in the grains of synthetic rock salt?

The booklet offers over 20 different examples featuring different samples for SEM:

  •  Cross sectional sample preparation
  •  Preparation of semiconductor material
  •  Preparation of metals, stones, paper, wood, rubber
  •  Preparation of thermally sensitive samples
  •  Cleaning sample surfaces and contrast enhancement
  •  Processing large sample surfaces with the rotary stage
  •  Sample preparation for EBSD
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Published: 10/09/2018 | Leica Microsystems

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