Vive la révolution!


Now revolutionized: Alcohol measurement in microdistilleries

Checking the alcohol concentration is part of the daily routine in small distilleries. Often traditional measuring methods such as glass hydrometers are in use, despite being difficult to use and having a tendency to break. Now, two new products from Anton Paar are about to turn this situation around.

In time for the high season at distilleries, Anton Paar presents a new series of attractively priced digital alcohol meters which will pay for themselves in a very short time, even at the smallest distillery. The Snap alcohol meters check the alcohol content of two-component mixtures made of water and ethanol over the whole relevant measuring range from 0 % v/v to 100 % v/v. They therefore replace all glass hydrometers in use at small distilleries.

The sample is taken directly from the storage vessel, the influence of temperature on the result is automatically compensated and the alcohol concentration is displayed within seconds.

Snap 50 – the most accurate portable digital alcohol meter in the world
With a measuring accuracy of 0.1 % v/v alcohol, Snap 50 is the most accurate digital portable alcohol meter available on the market. With its capability to identify sample names via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), store more than 1000 results, and print or export these to a PC, Snap 50 provides complete traceability of the results.

Snap 40 – the entry-level portable digital alcohol meter for the smallest distilleries
With the new Snap 40 Anton Paar makes cutting edge technology available for a very economic price and allows very small distilleries to move into the digital age.
The measured results are accurate to 0.2 % v/v. Snap 40 provides less features than Snap 50 – this model cannot save results, for example. Snap 40 is exclusively available via the Anton Paar Webshop.

Combining cutting-edge technology in a robust and long-life instrument, the new Snap alcohol meters give distillates from small distilleries, which are produced with great passion for detail, the quality they deserve.