Antares Vision Experience: the exhibition of artist Davide Mancini Zanchi open to the public


10 digital matrices of subjects inspired by the iconography of Antares Vision at the company's new facility in Travagliato on Sunday October 25th 2015 from 10:00am to 9:00pm. Curated by Licia Zorzella and Dario Bonetta.

For the inauguration of the new Antares Vision facility, artist Davide Mancini Zanchi was commissioned to develop and create a folder of works based on the iconographic world of the company. The works comprise 10 digital matrices of various subjects which, after being multiplied, were translated into large-size Luxart-Chromaluxe photographic prints. The entire portfolio will be presented to the public on Sunday October 25th, at the new Antares Vision facility in Travagliato (Brescia), in via del Ferro 16, from 10:00am to 9:00pm.

This presentation will bring the Antares Vision Experience week to conclusion, a week distinguished by a programme of events that invites not only customers and business partners, but also the families and friends of staff to have a look at the Antares world from new perspectives.

The Antares Vision company designs, produces and sells solutions that guarantee conformity and safety of pharmaceutical products with the aim of protecting


the health of patients. In order to do so, the company avails of artificial vision systems, where the human eye is replaced by the eyes of cameras equipped with software.

Through an inverse process, Antares Vision was transformed by the human eye of the Artist who approached this unusual, iconographic world which was hitherto unknown to him. His approach to it was carried out in keeping with his artistic research, recently presented at A+B Contemporary Art di Brescia. Davide Mancini Zanchi's MO is generally linked to the appropriation of object elements and iconographic worlds. "This project made the artist process the idea of matrix and the concept of seriality, interpreting traditional art printing from a digital point of view" explain Dario Bonetta and Licia Zorzella - the curators of the show. "The works express specific concepts, yet, at the same time they envelope the spectator in a movement amplified by colour and optical-perceptive effects".

Some of the 10 subjects work with the idea of multiplication and stratification, achieving effects that are entirely pictorial; rigorous approaches abound, while offering subtle irony at the same time, all in keeping with Davide Mancini Zanchi's typical style.

“The rapport with painting, with the picture - the artist declares - has always been central to my work” [...] "my intention is to propose an object, something tangible, deriving directly from my imagination, from my way of thinking in images; all of this can be considered as utopian as long as it remains intangible, but as soon as it becomes an object, the utopia is no longer there". What happened in the production of my works for Antares Vision can  therefore be interpreted as moving from one object to another, from sensitive to sensitive. As if, from the real world we moved into another world, just as real, with the loss of the purpose of the product, but with the aim of expressing the possible intangible essence of it, editing it.