ACHEMA-Media Award 2012 And the Winner is...

| Editor: Sigrid Rau

For his Radiofeature 'Is this gold or just rubbish?' Jahn Rähm will be given the ACHEMA Media–Award 2012. The author examines the topic and feasibility of Urban mining in a radio feature aired in October 2011 on German Deutschlandfunk.

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Jan Rähm, winner of the 10 000 Euro award.
Jan Rähm, winner of the 10 000 Euro award.
(Picture: Dechema)

Rähm approaches the topic from different angles and interviews experts from industry, research and waste management. The jury especially recognized, that the author approached this important topic in an interesting, yet objective way and addressed technological, political and ecological as well as economical aspects. 2012 was the first year that entries of all kinds of media were accepted for the award. A total of 33 submissions were handed in.