Checkweighing All in One for Product Checking

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Selekta/W is a new check-weigher and sorting machine for tablets and capsules designed by MG2, combining its experience in handling these solid forms (gained through capsule fillers) with the technological heart of Multinett weight control system.

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Checkweighing and sorting - all in one device
Checkweighing and sorting - all in one device
(Picture: MG2)

The machine features high speed, great accuracy and wide flexibility as for shape and size of products to be handled. Depending on the product, Selekta can check up to 500.000 units/hour with high accuracy. It can be directly connected to the production machine (tablet press or capsule filler) or used as a stand-alone unit, with automatic or manual load, for small batches.

The machine selects conforming and non-conforming units through a fail-safe system, thanks to sensors located in the critical phases of the process. Easy to use and maintain, size change-over is quickly performed by replacing two sets of parts, which can be easily disassembled.

ACHEMA: Hall 3.1/Stand F47