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Algae Generate Bio-Fuel from Wastewater

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This demonstration plant is just one of a few algae plants throughout the world and will be the first of its kind to create a carbon negative fuel by treating wastewater, making it one of the most sophisticated operational plants that bridge the water-energy nexus and fight global warming.

Significant Advances in Bio-Fuel Production

Another feature of the demonstration facility is significant advancements made in the production of fuels from biomass. Algae Systems has demonstrated a new proprietary technology for the conversion of wet algae and other biomass feedstocks into bio-crude oil, and has successfully demonstrated upgrading the bio-crude oil into diesel, jet and gasoline. The US Department of Energy recently announced that a research consortium coordinated by Algae Systems and led by SRI International will receive $3.2M in grant funding in 2014 to advance this hydrothermal liquefaction process.

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