China: Polymers Akzo Nobel to Build 105-Million Dollar Organic Peroxide Production Facility

Editor: Ahlam Rais

In order to meet the domestic demand of organic peroxide and support the government’s strategy of upgrading the country’s chemical industry, the conception of the new plant has been undertaken. The plant will increase capacity expansions between 30 % – 70 %.

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An executive committee member dots the eyes of a lion for the success of the new site.
An executive committee member dots the eyes of a lion for the success of the new site.
(Source: Akzo Nobel)

China – Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals has officially broken ground for construction of a state-of-the-art organic peroxide production facility in Tianjin, China. Organic peroxides are essential in the manufacture of a wide range of polymers including PVC and thermoset resins.

The 105-million dollar facility, located in the Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone, will replace the company’s existing organic peroxides plant in Tianjin, and supports efforts being made by Chinese authorities to optimise urban planning and produce an industrial upgrade in the country’s chemical industry.

Scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2020, it will also provide capacity expansions of between 30 and 70 per cent depending on product line, allowing the company to support the growth of its customers. The company states that end use markets for organic peroxides are growing annually between five and six per cent in China, outpacing growth in the rest of the world.

The company is focusing on improving sustainability such as installing an innovative technology to minimise discharge of waste water, using new equipment that will streamline its production processes, reducing water and energy consumption while removing volatile organic compounds, etc at the new site to meet the Chinese government’s stringent requirements.

Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals has invested more than 211 million dollars over the last three years to better serve its customers in the polymer industry, upgrade technologies, increase capacity, and reposition its global manufacturing footprint at its sites in Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Italy, Brazil and the US.

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