Food & Beverage Akzo Nobel Gets EU Approval For Dietary Iron Product

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Specialist chemicals company Akzo Nobel has been granted an administrative approval for the use of its Ferrazone iron product for food and beverages by the European Union.

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(Picture: Akzo Nobel)
(Picture: Akzo Nobel)

Amersfoort/The Netherlands – The EU administration has approved Akzo Nobel's food-grade iron chelate, ferric sodium EDTA marketed as Ferrazone for human consumption. The product can now be added to food, dietary food and supplements, the company says. Ferric Sodium EDTA is believed to be an effective countermeasure against iron deficiency (anemia). According to Akzo Nobel, the product helps to enhance the iron absorption without imparting undesired sensory properties, like a metallic taste or teeth staining.

In China, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico and the Phillipines, ferric sodium EDTA is already used for food and beverage powders, the company explained. Several European markets had introduced medicine based on EDTA, particularly for the treatment of anemia in young children.