Air operated Pinch Valves


Free flow of product, minimum frictional resistance, 100% leak free, no blockages and low net weight are among the most important benefits of air operated Pinch Valves.

Air pinch valves, also known as pneumatic pinch valves, find their application in conveying of difficult materials. Examples include transportation of liquid, granular and powdery materials (media) such as sand, feed, flour, pellets, granules or dusts.

The principle of the pinch valve is simple: Supplying compressed air into the casing of the air operated Pinch Valve compresses the sleeve. The body's design guarantees that the pinch valve sleeve can close freely to form a lip shape. This ensures that the product flow is completely sealed off tight and that the sleeve is guaranteed the longest service life at the same time. This closes the air pinch valve and completely seals off the flow of the product. As soon as the supply of compressed air is interrupted and the Valve casing is vented or drained, the specially manufactured sleeve is opened by its rebound resilience, enabling the pressure in the medium to flow through the full passage of the Pinch Valves.

With the help of detailed assembly instructions and new assembly videos, the pinch valve sleeve can easily be replaced by the customer on site ( Short production downtime remains therefore guaranteed.

A variety of different end connection types is available to the customer:

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