Membranes Air Liquide Buys American Membrane Manufacturer Poro Gen

Editor: Dominik Stephan

French industrial gases specialist Air Liquide has recently acquired Pro Gen, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of porous polymeric membranes through its American subsidiary.

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Air Liquide buys American membrane specialist company Poro Gen.
Air Liquide buys American membrane specialist company Poro Gen.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Boston, MA/USA – The acquisition shall expand Air Liquide’s membrane technology portfolio with new, high performing hollow fiber membranes, company speakers stated. These technologies are in high demand in a variety of branches, but most of all in natural gas handling and processing – especially on offshore platforms.

The acquisition of Poro Gen and the adaption of its technology portfolio could also strengthen Air Liquide’s position as a technology supplier for refineries and petrochemical plants, industry insiders believe. The hollow fiber membranes allow for a smaller equipment footprint in installations as well as reduced weight, more simple handling and reduced spare parts demand.

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