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High Temperature Powder Processing

Advancements in Rotary Furnace Designs

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Advancements in Rotary Furnace Designs

Learn more about High Temperature Powder Processing and Advancements in Rotary Furnace Designs. Find out how to improve product quality and save costs.

Rotary furnaces are the go-to technology for high temperature processing of powdered materials. They inherently offer significant advantages of throughput and energy efficiency over other forms of continuous, high temperature equipment.

Some materials are well served by simple tube designs. In other cases, reaction conditions or stringent time-at-temperature requirements may necessitate more advanced designs.

In this discussion we will review
- several indirect-fired rotary furnace design improvements
- maximization of the utility of the process
- how to meet the critical needs of more difficult processes. 

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Published: 08/01/2015 | Harper International

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