Maintenance & Turnaround Adopting the Right Maintenance Strategy

Author / Editor: ERICH MEYER / Dominik Stephan

The right approach towards maintenance strategy helps achieve greater safety, environmental integrity, improved operating performance (output, product quantity and customer service) and greater maintenance cost-effectiveness. Discover how to do it right - from the planning stage on...

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Maintenance engineer checking technical data.
Maintenance engineer checking technical data.
(Picture: Source: Dmitry Kalinovsky)

In any industrial maintenance, repair work is one of the most important jobs to be carried out regularly. Companies must have strategies on carrying out maintenance work. Most of the times companies do not have any strategy at place and if at all, around 80 per cent of the times, selected maintenance strategies are wrong. Either too much or too little maintenance work takes place.

In some scenarios the maintenance work is wrongly undertaken! Hence, having the right strategy is very important. There are some efficient ways to get the right maintenance strategy such as Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). RCM is a process used for deciding what must be done to ensure that any physical asset, system or process continues to work job efficiently.

‘Technical Weakpoint Analysis’ – Key To Successful Maintenance Strategy

Bilfinger Industrial Services has streamlined this process and developed it for the process industry as a ‘Technical Weakpoint Analysis’. This technique has proved to be a tool for identifying technical shortcomings in the safety of a production facility subject to strict cost/benefit considerations.

Refinery Turnaround in Rotterdam Up Close - The Race is On!
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The initial step of the procedure includes setting up a disciplinary team comprising production managers, mechanical maintenance, E/I&C maintenance, machine operators and an experienced moderator from Bilfinger Industrial Services. The equipment to be examined in the production facility is determined by applying the Pareto rule.

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