China: Sinochem Adds Capacities Additional Ethylene Complex at Quanzhou Refinery

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Reuters reports that Sinochem will add an ethylene complex to its Quanzhou oil refinery, quoting company vice president Zhang Wei.

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Sinochem Quanzhou’s 12 million MT/ a refining project
Sinochem Quanzhou’s 12 million MT/ a refining project
(Source: Sinochem)

Beijing/China — Zhang told Reuters itsQuanzhou refinery has been operating above 90 % capacity so far this year, a level to be maintained throughout the year.

The Quanzhou refining project which is invested by Sinochem Group, with a capacity of 12 million tons per annum, located at the Huiquan Petrochemical Industrial Park of Quanzhou, The refinery consists of two areas, i.e. the internal plant area and the external storage and transport area. The internal plant area includes main process units for atmospheric and vacuum distillation, residue hydrotreating, hydrocracking, catalytic cracking, continuous reforming, aromatics extraction, delayed coking, sulfur and polypropylene etc.; and the storage and transport facilities include terminals, crude and refined oil tank area, external oil pipelines etc.

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