Polymer Resins Additional Capacity for Polymer Resins in Pasadena, Texas

Editor: Dominik Stephan

A growing demand needs a capacity growths in supply and production – Therefor, speciality chemicals company Kuraray announced to boost its Eval polymer resins production in Texas.

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(Picture: Kuraray)
(Picture: Kuraray)

Pasadena, Texas/USA – Kuraray's American branch Kuraray America announced the approval of a capacity increase project in Pasadena, Texas. Theexpansion of around 17 million additional pounds (8,000 tons) of Eval (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) resins per year and costs of around US $ 49 million is regarded as Kuraray's answer to the global growth in demand of currently over 10% per year, officials say.

"Eval resins have so many benefits over materials like glass, steel and other plastics that it's not surprising how significantly demand has grown, particularly in innovative applications in barrier food packaging, environmental protection, and personal protection," said George Avdey, President of Kuraray's Eval Business Unit.

The debottlenecking of facilities at the Pasadena plant raises production capacity to 104 million pounds (47,000 tons) annually. The project will be completed by January 2014.