Actuators Actuator Revamp Improves Safety and Performance of Polish Tank Farm

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New actuators can help to unlock the hidden potential of your process plant, as a Polish tank farm handling liquid fuels found out...

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Auma actuators increase safety at an OLPP tank farm in Koluszki, Poland
Auma actuators increase safety at an OLPP tank farm in Koluszki, Poland
(Source: Auma)

With the introduction of 94 new Auma SAEx .2 actuators with ACExC actuator controls, which feature both Profibus DP and a separate hard-wired ESD input. 29 existing Auma actuators were also retrofitted with the ESD functionality. The tank farm on the outskirts of Koluszki, a town in central Poland, 25 km east of Łódź, is operated by OLPP, a leader in the storage and trans-shipment of liquid fuels in Poland.

OLPP uses the tank farm to store fuels for distribution, and to maintain national strategic fuel reserves. OLPP is part of Poland’s PERN group, which stores and transports crude oil and other hydrocarbons.

The actuator project is part of a new system to protect the Koluszki storage tanks against over-filling. OLPP wanted to add a dedicated emergency shutdown (ESD) function to the tank valves, alongside the Profibus DP system used for normal control.

The Next Level

Auma actuators with Profibus DP support all three versions of the protocol (Profibus DP-V0, DP-V1 and DP-V2) at speeds up to 1.5 Mbit/s, corresponding to cycle times of approximately 0.3 ms per actuator. Each segment can support up to 126 devices, with cable lengths up to around 10 km. Options include redundant cabling for increased data communication safety, overvoltage protection up to 4 kV, and fiber optic cables to cope with long distances that are frequently encountered in tank farms.

Other work by Auma included designing and supplying adapters to connect old non-standard valves to the new actuators, removing the old actuators, replacing over-current protection devices, and make changes in the control room to provide the 24 V DC electrical supply needed for the ESD system.

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