Pumps Achieving Impressive, yet Eco–Friendly Pumping Performance

Author / Editor: Henno Schothorst / Dominik Stephan

Boskalis Technical Service Nederland needed a pump that does not only offers high performance and meets specific requirements but was also eco-friendly. In order to meet the company's stringent requirements, BBA Pumps developed a special pump for the customer. This pump weighs merely 10,800 kg. Read on to know more about the solution offered and its features.

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The compact and lightweight BA-C500S11 pump unit during operation.
The compact and lightweight BA-C500S11 pump unit during operation.
(Picture: BBA Pumps)

Boskalis Nederland, which is a part of Royal Boskalis Westminster, was established in 1910.The company that was earlier recognized as a local dredging contractor, is now known as a leading global maritime service company. Originally, dredging and earthmoving were the core activities of the company. Now, the company is also active in the construction and maintenance of harbours, land reclamation, inland infra and offshore and energy sectors. Boskalis Technical Service Nederland (its internal rental company) in Capelleaan den IJssel manages several mobile pump units with high and ultra high flows.

The company prefers environmentally friendly equipment and has very specific requirements from their pumps, which include:

  • The pump must have a minimum capacity of 5000 m3/hr and a pressure in excess of 3 bar
  • Excellent suction capabilities (NPSHr curve) and suitable for use as a dewatering pump
  • High fuel efficiency combined with the lowest exhaust emissions
  • The pump unit should fit into a 20 ft container for easy transport
  • The maximum weight should be not more than 12,000 kg

Boskalis has a number of widely divergent projects around the globe. This makes multi-functionality and ease of logistic handling important factors in the purchase of new equipment. Talking about the requirement, Technical Superintendent, Boskalis Nederland, Bas van den Brand mentions, “For a pump set of this size, 11 to 12 ton is usually the maximum permissible limit due to limitations in handling the pump on-site.”

Key Factors for Pump Design

In addition, durability and corporate social responsibility are key factors to be considered by the company. In October 2014, Boskalis Nederland officially commissioned the delivery of a BBA high flow pump unit of the type BAC500S11 D711 with an attractive efficiency of 86 per cent. The auto prime pump provides a capacity of 5500 m3/hr (24000 US GPM) and a maximum head of 37 MWk (120 ft).

The pump is driven by a modern stage IV Volvo Penta diesel engine; the TAD1374VE. This provides a power of 375 kW and delivers the lowest specific fuel consumption in its class (207 g/kWh). Exhaust gas is treated using AdBlue.

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