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Aiming at customer satisfaction, Economy Refrigeration has served the refrigeration needs of the Indian industrial segment for long. Diversifying further, the company now caters to the clients in the various segments like power, chemicals, food, pharma, etc. One recipe for sucess was the company’s customer centric approach to refigeration solutions...

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Array of products that ERPL offers
Array of products that ERPL offers
(Source: Economy Refrigeration)

With the mission of delivering excellence, Economy Refrigeration (ERPL) is been serving the Indian market for more than 80 years. “The company was established by YD Ahuja in 1926. For many years, the company dealt with ammoniabased industrial refrigeration solutions. However, in the late 1980s, the company diverted in the field of roots blowers, vacuum boosters and systems packaging,” informed Managing Director, ERPL, Rajesh Ahuja.

Gradually, the company has further diversified into many other sectors. It began representing Tuthill in India in 1992 and while it is associated with TTS since 2011. The company brings Tuthill’s portfolio of pumps, vacuum pumps, blowers, etc in the Indian market. “We are now largest distributor of Tuthill,” stated Ahuja proudly. Moreover, recently, the company has further diversified into process equipment such as evaporators, distillation columns, dryers, etc.

Indian Mindset for Success on Emerging Markets

In its nine decades of operation, the company has seen the Indian market closely. In this regards, Ahuja observed, “Although the Indian market is price sensitive, customers are ready to pay premium prices for proven products. That clearly means that the Indian customers judge products or solutions on the parameter of returns and value additions that they offer.”

Adding to it, he mentioned, “Since our customers realize that we offer value for money products, they placed orders with us even in the adverse market conditions. Owing to this, our sales volume increased by 30 per cent last year.”

Latest Offering: Complete Quality Control for Pharma Plants

ERPL did not only make profit in the unfavorable market situation but also introduced new product. The company has tied up with Mekitec, a Finland based company. “Thanks to this association, we now offer food X-ray machines, which is ideal equipment for food and pharma manufacturers for detecting presence of foreign particles in the finished products,” explained Ahuja. This machine uses the latest X-ray image processing technology and is also equipped with the ‘check weighing’ option. With these latest technologies, the machine can detect presence of objects such as stones, glass, bones and dense plastic. Overall, it offers a complete quality control system to the food and pharma industry.

Elaborating on the response for the latest offering, Ahuja noted, “Now that Indian food industry is becoming conscious about the quality control and regulations with this regards to the product quality, the machine has received very encouraging response in the country.”