Achema 2012 Achema Congress 2012 — Hot Topics and Networking at Its Best

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

With a programme featuring regularly over 900 lectures and attracting some 27,000 attendees, the congress is the second cornerstone of Achema, alongside the exhibition. This is where experts and scientists meet decision makers, and vice versa.

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The Achema congress is also the platform for our industry where interdisciplinarity comes to life like nowhere else. In addition to the regular conference sessions numerous special and guest events, panel discussions, expert round tables and plenary lectures provide an extensive survey of topical trends and the rich diversity of process technology.

The Achema Congress programme reflects the diversity of topics of the exhibition and covers the complete spectrum of process engineering, supplementing the classical aspects with special lecture series on up-to-the-minute hot topics (see box).

Special Show: Energy-efficient Storage and Transportation

This year’s focal topic and Special Show on the theme of “Innovative Energy Carriers and Storage” promises to trigger an unprecedented innovation drive. Concepts for efficient storage and transportation of energy — not forgetting the buzzword ‘e-mobility’ — are challenges of the future, and what sector is better qualified to meet them than the chemical process industry? The Special Show is aiming to trigger plenty of discussions on fresh ideas and new concepts that chemists and engineers now increasingly have to face up to the numerous technical challenges posed by thermal and electrical energy storage technologies. In view of rising demand and intensified funding programmes, an innovation surge is literally in the air... In fact it’s a certainty, especially in the fields of battery technology, solar-chemical processes, photovoltaics, supercapacitors, fuel cell technology and the hydrogen economy.

A small selection of issues calling for solutions in the short to medium term:

  • How can we optimize the efficiency of water electrolysis for the generation of hydrogen as a chemical storage medium, particularly under variable loads?
  • How can we develop stationary batteries with dimensions exceeding those currently used for mobile applications by several orders of magnitude?
  • Which materials are best suited for a thermal storage device, an important component of adiabatic gas pressure storage systems?

Whatever energy storage requirements and transportation demands you face, there is no doubt that the Special Show will be one of the best ways of examing the multi-faceted energy storage challenges that we all face. The Special Show will help you quickly gain a global perspective of how best to resolve these fast-moving issues.

The Achema Congress Programme

General Topics:

  • Advanced Reaction Technology
  • Mixing and Separation Technology
  • Plant Components: Apparatus, Piping, Reactors
  • Plant Controlling: Systems, Field Devices and Concepts
  • Processes and Apparatus for Pharmaceutical Production
  • Laboratory and Analysis Techniques
  • Safety
  • Industrial Security/Risk Management
  • Materials and Materials Testing
  • E-Learning
  • Chemical Leasing/Forward Integration

Special Session

Focus: BioEconomy

  • New Products through Biotechnology: Fuels, Polymers, Biopharmaceuticals
  • Raw Materials for Biotechnology: Synthesis Gas, Lignocellulosics
  • Bio-Refineries and Processing of Renewables
  • Development and Application of Novel Bio­catalysts: Enzymes, Cells, Organisms
  • High-Tech Equipment for Biotechnology:
  • Sequencers, Synthesizers, Chips
  • Bioprocesses: Reactors, Monitoring, Modelling, Downstream Processing
  • Food Biotechnology

Focus: Process Technology

  • Potable and Ultrapure Water Generation
  • Energy Efficiency by Integrated Processes
  • Reaction Modelling for Layout and Control
  • Solids Process Engineering
  • Recycling and Urban Mining
  • Single-use Reactors
  • CO2 Separation and Utilisation

Focus: Materials Technology

  • Energy Storage, Transport and Use
  • Plastics vs. Metal: Options for Plant Engineering and Design
  • Chemical Nanotechnology
  • Advanced Fluids in Process Engineering

Call for Papers

Call for papers is open now! Please submit congress registrations in the form of a one-page abstract (max. 200 kB) via Lecture time is 20 minutes; the congress language is English. Deadline for submitting contributions is August 31, 2011.

Further information can be obtained through e-mail at or telephone on +49 (0) 69/75 64-2 54

* The author is Head of Exhibitions, Dechema e.V., Frankfurt a. Main/Germany.