Drum Filling Accurate Dosing in Polythene Liners

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

An innovative packaging system from Italian manufacturer CO.RA. allows granular products to be accurately weighed into drums lined with polyethylene film dispensed as a continuous tube.

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The maximum dosing accuracy is ±50 g, and a version for hazardous areas (Atex zone 1/21) is available. Controlling the flow of product is a double valve made from 316L stainless steel, with an FDA-compliant silicone gasket, available in diameters of 150 mm, 200 mm as well as 250 mm. At the center of the valve’s main butterfly vane is a smaller pneumatically-driven rotor which turns through 180°. The butterfly is used to fill product rapidly to 95 percent of the desired weight, after which the rotor takes over for trickle feeding. The machine carries out the weighing step automatically, but relies on an operator to manipulate the drum and liner, and to insert the clips needed to seal the liner between filling operations.