Slide Gate Valves in Fungicide Manufacture Absolute Leakproofness is an Important Factor at Fungicide Production

Author / Editor: Seher Sevim / Wolfgang Ernhofer

Saltigo is a one-hundred-percent subsidiary of Lanxess. Its main business nationally and internationally is custom manufacturing on the fine chemicals market. Specifically, its offering covers the areas of plant protection, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. Semi-finished products and active ingredients for plant protection are mainly produced in the corresponding plant. Some of these substances are corrosive, which can pose a challenge for plant resistance. A particularly high-quality stainless steel alloy was thus selected for the manufacture of all shut-off valves.

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Slide gate valves in fungicide manufacture for more security and reliabilty.
Slide gate valves in fungicide manufacture for more security and reliabilty.
(Picture: Emil Kammerer)

Fungicides protect plants against harmful fungi. They can be used preventatively, and after an initial or even an advanced fungal attack. The plant protecting agents usually consist of more than 150 different active ingredients and excipients, and differ in their chemical composition and their mode of action.

The task of fungicide excipients is to distribute the active ingredients evenly on and in the plants to be treated and to ensure adhesion to the plants. In this way, the excipients pave the way for the active ingredients to unfurl their effect in or on the plants. The fungus metabolism is attacked by the various substances in various places. Fungicides can be provided to the user in various ways: in a liquid, solid, foam-like, paste-like or gaseous form. These preparations are ultimately used in very different ways. For instance, they can be sprayed directly onto or into the plants, put into the soil, or the seeds can be soaked with them.

The fungicides are manufactured in a multi-purpose plant; isolation and drying takes place beginning on the 3rd floor from the top to the bottom. After the drying process, the product is put into Big Bags. The Kammerer slide gate valves are integrated into a vertical drying line at this transition point. Here, the mass is dried in a vacuum range of 40 to 100 mbar. The slide gate valves guarantee absolutely reliable impermeability and corrosion resistance, and are known for their very long service lives the company said.

In this case, the FT model was chosen. The first letter stands for the sealing system, the last for the housing form. In the case of the F sealing system, the respective sealing material is actively put under pressure. The benefit of housing form T is that it can be integrated in different positions thanks to its low construction length. Furthermore, its construction is particularly suitable for use in vacuums. This slide gate valve model enables simple repairs where required, so the manufacturing process can continue without interruption. Absolute impermeability is crucial to protect the process and the employees.

* The author works for Emil Kammerer GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach. Contact: Tel. +49-2202-95528-0

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