Filtration Experts Up-Close A Trip Down the Memory Lane for Innovative Filtration Technology

Author / Editor: Swati Deshpande / Dominik Stephan

Leading a way through with innovative technology – Within a few years of its inception, SAP Filter has served both the Indian as well as the international market. The company’s filters have exceeded its customers expectations. Read on to know more about the company’s journey...

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SAP Filter’s facility, which is located at Vasai, Maharashtra.
SAP Filter’s facility, which is located at Vasai, Maharashtra.
(Picture: SAP Filter)

Though SAP Filter is just a six year old company, the story of its inception goes back to two decades. Going down memory lane, Managing Director, SAP Filter, Pradeep Pankan says, “Sruthi Agro Process, a sister concern of SAP Filter was incorporated in 1995. I have worked with various engineering firms and this experience helped Sruthi Agro Process to obtain new projects. As the company started growing, it also received orders for filters, which we completed successfully.”

“Gradually we gained experience and expertise in manufacturing filters for various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, bulk drug and vegetable oil, etc.” As the demand for filters increased, Pankan decided to start a new venture in 2009—SAP Filter.



At present, with three facilities in Vasai, Maharshtra, the company manufactures a variety of filtration equipment including vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters, candle filters, polishing filters, tubular centrifuge, bag filter, sparkler filter, etc. Cumulatively, the three facilities are spread over 27,0002 ft.

“Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with new machines for cutting plates and we also have advanced welding machines that makes manufacturing of filters efficient. Additionally, we have installed an overhead crane, which help us shift goods easily at the intermediate stage,” he asserted. In order to achieve greater levels of satisfaction for our customers, the company is further upgrading its facility with additional machines.

Customers First

Knowledge about the business and having an up-to-date facility helps the business to grow smoothly. In order to succeed further, the company also requires the right approach towards its clients. “Hence, when we receive any enquiry, we go to the root of the problem. We find out challenges that the customer is facing before suggesting any solution. Once our team of experts understands the problem, then, we design filters as per the requirements. To carry out this job in perfection, we have set up a CAD center, where we design filters,” he explained.

Speaking on the technological advantages that the filters bring, Pankan said, “Our filters are more durable than our competitors. As they last longer than guaranteed, they turn out to be cost effective in the long run.”

The company’s filters are mainly used for solid liquid separation in multiple industries including edible oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints, etc. For example, the vertical pressure leaf filter is capable of filtering liquids with a solid content of up to 5–7 per cent. Thus, it is commonly used in edible oil, pharma, chemical and food industries.

For filtration of liquids with higher solid content, the company offers the horizontal pressure leaf filter in these industries. “Horizontal and vertical pressure leaf filters stand tall among the rest of the equipment that we manufacture. Our customers in the domestic as well as international market have been 100 per cent satisfied with its quality and efficiency,” he mentioned.

A Wide Portfolio

Moreover, SAP Filter’s tubular centrifuge filter offers high speed separation and the clarification function. It allows continuous separation of two immiscible liquids and also clarifications of small quantities of impurities from liquids. It turns out to be useful for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and paint industries. It can also be used in gum clarifications and blood fractionation.

Alternatively, SAP produces the candle filter that provides pressure filtration as well as heel filtration in an enclosed and pressure tight housing. This filter is used in the recovery of catalysts such as nickel, platinum, palladium, etc.; removal of activated carbon; charcoal in pharma plants; resin filtration; filtration of hazardous liquids; etc. “With these capabilities, we have served domestic as well as the international market.” informed Pankan.

Market Overview

Having quality products is only one element in the formula of success. Market conditions as well play an important role in it. Speaking on the current unpredictable market conditions, Pankan stated, “Presently, companies are hesitant on making new purchases. They are being careful about their spending and investments. Hence, even though the demand for filters is growing, we have to carefully judge the demand and prepare ourselves for the same in advance.” More importantly, customer satisfaction is vital in order to survive in these conditions, concluded Pankan.

* The author is Associate Editor for Vogel Business Media India