Inventing in India A Journey from Textile Engineering to Green Solutions

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The story of an Indian industrial trailblyzer – A.T.E. Group is one of the Indian companies that touch upon critical sectors such as water, energy, and cooling solutions. With these innovative and indigenous solutions, the company serves customers in varied industries such as textile, pharma, food processing, etc.

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A.T.E. Group’s Tera Spin factory at Sari, Ahmedabad.
A.T.E. Group’s Tera Spin factory at Sari, Ahmedabad.
(Picture: A.T.E. Group)

A.T.E. Group was founded in 1939 as a part of India’s freedom movement. Founder, Shyamlal Bhagwati, founded the company with an intention of selling high quality German textile machinery in India to challenge the prevailing British monopoly in the field. “This endeavor helped modernization and growth of the Indian textile industry, which now holds a leading position in the world,” informed Director, A.T.E. Group, Anuj Bhagwati. Having this strong foundation laid, the company became a leader in textile engineering in India, offering end to end solutions across the textile value chain.

Ifat 2014 – Environmental Technology Exhibition in Munich
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After spending almost six decades in the business, the company started expanding its wings. “When I took over from my father as Managing Director of the group in 2006, we relooked at what we want to do. We were clear that we liked the textile engineering business and the other businesses we were in and wanted to continue and strengthen these businesses with a much stronger portfolio of machines and services. But, I also wanted to get involved in the environment movement and socially responsible businesses as I am passionate about these aspects,” stated Bhagwati.

With new leadership, A.T.E. embarked on a long term plan for its clean technology business in 2006. “Since then, our clear objective is to provide innovative solutions that are eco-friendly and conserve resources,” he stated.

Keeping ‘green solutions’ as a focal point, the company stepped in to new businesses such as water and wastewater treatment, eco-friendly cooling solutions, flow technology, monitoring solutions, etc. “A.T.E. encompasses three essential elements of life—air, water and energy,” shared Bhagwati. Through its new ventures, the company is committed to their tagline – ‘Invent in India’.

Indigenous Solutions

Under the company’s ‘Invent in India’ strategy, the Group's own R&D team has developed a range of solutions. Today, A.T.E. Group has developed numerous new solutions in the areas of cooling technologies, water treatment and energy efficiency.

Cooling Technologies

HMX, a business unit of A.T.E., designs and manufactures unique, eco-friendly, and energy efficient cooling solutions. “At the heart of every HMX product is Dry Air Moist Air (DAMA), HMX’s patented sensible heat exchanger.

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