Extrusion Pump and Co. A Complete System for Polymer Production

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

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(Picture: Maag/Stefan Gregor)

The Maag brands “Maag Pump Systems” and “Automatik Pelletizing Systems” will show an extrex 90 extrusion pump as well as the CSC 116-RS arched screen changer at its booth W5945 at this year’s NPE show in Orlando, Florida/USA. Additionally the company will show its Primo 200E dry-cut cantilever design strand pelletizer (picture).

The extrex 90 extrusion pump is shown feeding melt to the Sphero S. The gear and bearing technology provides high efficiency with minimized energy consumption, as the manufacturer says. Further features are optimized flow channels, very good self-cleaning properties and a long service life. Also part of the system is the CSC 116-RS screen changer with arched cavities. The use of arched screens allows the screen surface area to be enlarged up to 4 times compared with conventional designs. All these units form a complete system for polymer production.

The Primo 200E is particularly well suited to the compounding of thermoplastic masterbatches up to 1.5 t/h throughput. It is a single-side mounted dry-cut strand pelletizer with an extra-large cutting width of 200 mm. Its cutting geometry permits optimal straight cutting of both hard, abrasive and very soft, flexible plastic strands. The pellet dimensions can be changed via an optional automatic pellet length adjustment system.

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