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A Business Full of Energy: Fluid Management for China's Petrochecial–Boom

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Close Relationship is the Key for Developing Succesful Solutions

“As operator of the facility, our focus is on safety,” explains Chen Jihui, Project Manager at the Shanghai Shidongkou Coal Gas Manufacturing Company. The high standards of the Endress+Hauser systems ensure a smooth operation. “First and foremost, the automated processes make sure that all of the deliveries can be properly settled and invoiced.” The system documents each process so that the measurement data is clear and easy to understand. “This prevents errors or manipulation from occurring. That’s particularly important considering that we are handling material that belongs to our customers.”

Sales Director Lu Jianlin is convinced of the mutual benefits the tank and terminal automation business has to offer. “Our customers don’t need to do anything. They receive a comprehensive range of services and benefit from having a reliable and proven solution,” says Lu. “On the other hand, we can demonstrate to our customers that we are there for them right from the start. That creates trust and puts our customer relationship on a completely new footing.”

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* The author works for Endress+Hauser, Reinach/Switzerland.