Fluid Management

A Business Full of Energy: Fluid Management for China's Petrochecial–Boom

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Simple Operation – Big Results

The Yan’an facility can load up to ten tankers at a time with liquefied natural gas. “We went into great detail to adapt our solution, including creating a way to accommodate the extremely cold medium,” explains Song Zhaoming.

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The Endress+Hauser engineers integrated a weighbridge at the customer’s request, so the data can be used for billing. “We also linked our system to the Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group’s enterprise software.” This facilitates a direct, two-way flow of information.

Fluid Management Makes its Way Across the Petrochemical Industry

Chip cards are again the key to the system. Every detail about the order is stored in the database and associated with the cards. They also serve as an identification card during the weighing and loading processes. “This basically eliminates operating and billing errors,” says Xie Lan, Manager of Instrument Engineering at the Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group in Yan’an. He praises the entire system for its simplicity. “Trucks can be quickly and easily loaded, which allows us to work very efficiently.”

Meanwhile, dozens of Endress+Hauser’s installations are spread out across the entire country. All told, they add up to more than 400 loading arms. Apart from supplying all of the components, Endress+Hauser China also helps manage projects from start to finish. “A lot of companies can deliver devices, but only a few cover the engineering as well. That’s a real benefit for our customers,” emphasizes Professor Ji Jianhua, an engineer and former university lecturer who is in charge of project business for Endress+Hauser China.