Fluid Management

A Business Full of Energy: Fluid Management for China's Petrochecial–Boom

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Refinery at the Heart of China's Boom Region

1,500 kilometers west of Panjin, the Shaanxi province in central China is one of the country’s most fertile regions. Major waterways such as the Yellow and Wei Rivers have cut deep through the hundred-meter deep, dust-like soil for thousands of years. Nature bestows the inhabitants of this region with an abundance of resources as shown by the vegetable fields and fruit orchards that line the roads. But deep underground there are even more valuable riches to be found: oil and gas deposits, which have been extracted for more than 100 years.

Vertical line-shaft pumps can be seen everywhere, bobbing their heads in the same up and down motion. The Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group develops the oil and gas deposits in this region.

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The government-owned company runs scores of plants, including a natural gas liquefaction facility near Yan’an, 300 kilometers north of the ancient imperial city of Xi’an. Pipelines bring the natural gas to the facility from the north. The gas is then liquefied by cooling it to minus 162 degrees Celsius so it can be further transported and reduced to a fraction of its original volume.

Cold as Ice: Fluid Management for Difficult Applications

An employee is busy loading a tanker. Wearing thick gloves, he couples the insulated loading arm to the truck, the lock latching into place with a click. Like all exposed metal elements, the lock is covered in ice, warning not to touch it with bare hands...