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Dow selected the Fort Saskatchewan site for this investment as the region offers a highly competitive energy and feedstocks position.
Canada: Decarbonization

Dow to Develop World’s First Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Ethylene and Derivatives Site

Control & Automation

The principle of Open Process Automation ensures future-proofing.
Out of the Digitization Desert

Step by Step to the Digital Oilfield

More and more companies are exploiting the fast and pragmatic approaches offered by open-source software. Wago combines sensor systems, gateways, container and cloud computing.

Open Source Technologies Open Access to Valuable Information


The new process is a big step forward in the technology of calcium nitrate production.
Russia: 2 Million Dollar Project

KCCW Introduces New Technological Process for Waste-Free Calcium Nitrate Production

Pharma & Food

Figure 1. Figure 1 shows the critical elements of a QbD loop. The QbD concept is supported by US-FDA.
Risk Management

Quality by Design Approach for Lyophilization Process Scale-up