Membrane Filters 50 mm Filters are Autoclavable

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Meissner’s Steridyne 50 (PVDF) and Ultradyne 50 (PTFE) are multipurpose 50 mm filters for small volume venting as well as gas and solvent filtration.

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Designed for bi-directional flow, the 0.2 µm-rated filters have hose barb connections. They serve as cost-effective hydrophobic vent filters, and the Steridyne 50 and Ultradyne 50 can be used to filter up to 1 l of solvent, or aqueous liquids after wetting with alcohol. Steridyne 50 filters can be gamma irradiated and are ideal for venting TepoFlex biocontainers. Both filters can also be safely autoclaved up to 30 times. Each Steridyne 50 and Ultradyne 50 filter is identified with a part number and a lot number.