Hugoton Biorefinery Opening 25 Million Gallons–per–Year Biorefinery Opens in Kansas

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Abengoa Bioenergy opens its new 25-million gallon per year cellulosic ethanol biorefinery in Hugoton, Kansas. The refinery - which will be fueled 100 % by biomass- will produce 25 million gallons of ethanol derived from nearly 350,000 tons of biomass annually.

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Hugoton, Kansas/USA – The Hugoton facility can at utilize approximately 1,100 dry tons of biomass per day in the ethanol production process when runnning at full capacity. Jim Greenwood President & CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization congratulated the company: “The advanced biofuel industry is starting up first-of-a-kind cellulosic biofuel plants, creating new jobs and proving the cost competitiveness of innovative new technology. The new cellulosic biorefinery opened by Abengoa Bioenergy today is the realization of nearly a decade of research and development and billions of dollars in investment and is the second commercial scale cellulosic biofuel plant in as many months. We congratulate Abengoa and its employees on this achievement.”

“The Renewable Fuel Standard has been the driving force in encouraging innovative companies like Abengoa to invest this time and money to commercialize cellulosic biofuels. New advanced biofuel technologies are vital to the nation’s energy security. The United States must stay the course with the RFS, keeping this policy strong and operating consistently and predictably.”

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