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Flottweg SE

Vilsbiburg, Germany

High technology made in Germany Flottweg is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges.


Würzburg, Germany

GROAB, the project database for major plant engineering and construction Get a comprehensive overview on international major plant engineering and construction projects. Search for projects in their planning or construction phase as well as for facilities that are already on stream. By choosing out of 20 categories and applying personal filter settings e.g. location and project name you will easily detect the right projects for you. Simply export data to your hard disk or have messages sent to your mail address once new entries are made.  

Frewitt Fabrique de Machines SA

Granges-Paccot, Switzerland

As a worldwide company with a customer-oriented approach, we are the ideal partner when it comes to processing powders of all kinds. We provide comprehensive solutions with the FREWITT Swiss quality guarantee, and constantly pursue our research and development work in order to remain one step ahead of industrys requirements.Our business comprises three divisions:     * DryMilling: designing and building milling and sieving systems: This division is specialized in sizing and crushing equipment intended for a variety of products and destined mainly for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries.     * ProFilling: designing and building installations for transporting, dosing, mixing, and storing powders for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries.     * Frewitt Printing: your one-stop worldwide partner for security marking systems designed to prevent counterfeiting (track and trace system) and to guarantee a 100 traceability of products.

Berndorf Band GmbH

Berndorf,Niederösterr., Austria

Berndorf AG, an entirely privately owned holding company of highly specialized industrial enterprises, developed from a company called Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik. This company was founded in 1843 by Alexander Schöller and Hermann Krupp and was located in the same area in the southern part of Lower Austria. Berndorf Band is a subsidiary of Berndorf Hueck Band- & Pressblechtechnik GmbH.

Softing Industrial Automation is a world leading provider of industrial communication products and technologies for manufacturing and process automation.

FUCHS Maschinen AG

Granges-Paccot, Switzerland

Design, manufacturing, sales and export of machines for material processing, especially bulk material, in the following industrial fields : food, plastics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, metallurgy and agriculture. Further informations

Established in 1973 as a consulting, engineering and safety technology manufacturer. Right from the beginning the REMBE® objective was to offer products and individual consultancy encompassing bespoke solutions in solving customers individual problems. Since 1988 REMBE® has continued to expand in the International markets. Today the company is represented in more than 70 countries worldwide.

SPX’s e&e Series technology is widely known in the field of extraction, evaporation, vacuum and freeze drying for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and coffee industry, based in Warendorf. Our core competences include: Extraction (solid-liquid, liquid-liquid) Evaporation (va...

ILUDEST Destillationsanlagen GmbH

Waldbüttelbrunn, Germany

Export throughout the world Founded in 1990, ILUDEST® initially supplied the German and Swiss market with "state-of-the-art" products for Solvent Recycling, Thermal Process Engineering and Pilot Plants for Distillation. Since commencing our export business in January 1996, we are now in the position to offer our partners throughout the world our complete range of high quality materials "Made in Germany", which are listed in the section "Products".

PRÜFTECHNIK Dieter Busch AG is the parent company of the PRÜFTECHNIK Group which comprises the divisions Alignment Systems, Condition Monitoring and Nondestructive Testing.