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Gerhard Schubert GmbH

Crailsheim, Germany

Schubert is a flourishing medium-sized family firm employing a workforce of currently 600, which specializes in the supply of flexible packaging solutions. Schubert was responsible for the development of the world’s first packaging robots back in 1984. Its many years of experience in the field of servo drive engineering have made Schubert the accepted market leader in the field of digital packaging machines.

ProMinent Group

Heidelberg, Germany

The ProMinent group is manufacturer of components and systems for the metering technology, as well as a reliable water treatment solutions partner for over 50 years.

PRÜFTECHNIK Dieter Busch AG is the parent company of the PRÜFTECHNIK Group which comprises the divisions Alignment Systems, Condition Monitoring and Nondestructive Testing.

i-Fischer Engineering GmbH

Waldbüttelbrunn, Germany

If two companies work independently on the same path, the result will probably be very different. But when three companies work on the same path together, the result will be something very special. For this reason you can expect exceptional performance from the i-Fischer® joint venture team for design of Process Engineering Systems and Pilot Plants for the Petrochemical Industry.

Flottweg SE

Vilsbiburg, Germany

High technology made in Germany Flottweg is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial centrifuges.

Vogel Business Media is a leading provider of specialist information in the core sectors of Industry, Automotive, Information Technology and Law/Economy/Tax.

We are swimming ahead!

When companies make poor choices about safety, the results can lead to the loss of life, devastated communities and bankrupt businesses.

MG2 s.r.l.

Pian di Macina di Pianoro (BO), Italy

Founded in 1966, MG2 is based in Pianoro (Bologna), the heart of the Bolognese Packaging Valley; today, the company is leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines to dose pharmaceutical products into hard shell capsules and small containers. As well as machines ...

OPTIMA pharma GmbH

Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

Optima Pharma has over 25 years experience in sterile filling and capping systems and in the challenging field of lyophilization, isolation and containment technology.