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IT and Automation Continue to Converge

03/18/2012 | Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

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Last year's Industrial IT exhibition. (Bild: Hannover Messe)
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Last year's Industrial IT exhibition. (Bild: Hannover Messe)

Automation today would be virtually inconceivable without server and net-based IT solutions, so it is hardly surprising that these technologies play a key role in the manufacturing and process industry.

Recognizing the importance of this convergence, in 2011 Deutsche Messe inaugurated the Industrial IT exhibition area in the heart of the Industrial Automation show to highlight opportunities to deploy standard IT in production environments. With even more space available than last year, the Industrial IT Forum staged in collaboration with ZVEI and VDMA acts as a central platform where experts from the business, industrial and scientific communities can discuss the role of standard IT in support of production.

Network management, operational reliability, enhanced quality and efficiency, simulation, design, production planning, development and Industry 4.0 will be the main items on the agenda. The daily Talk@12 podium discussion and the Security Lounge (Tuesday through Thursday) will be two of the highlights. They will zero in on the crucial issue of IT security. The process industry sees standard IT as a major remote diagnosis technology, and in that context it needs to understand the requirements profile for mobile communication solutions.

Visitors can also find out more about what needs to be in place for successful Ethernet deployment. Manufacturers will be putting their latest strategies and visions on display at HANNOVER MESSE.

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