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Customising the Grinding Process

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

FrymaKoruma MK 320 corundum stone mill from Romaco
FrymaKoruma MK 320 corundum stone mill from Romaco (Picture: Romaco)

In need of an individually customisable grinding solution? Romaco's Fryma Koruma MK 320 corundum stone mill can be used to process foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemical products...

It achieving particle sizes of between 150 and 40 micrometres. The products can be fed into the mill either in-line or via a hopper, depending on their flow properties. The machine uses a wet grinding process with corundum stones, based on the rotor-stator principle. To suit different products or requirements, grinding stones with with various grains are available.

For further automation of the grinding process, Romaco offers an automatic milling gap adjustment function for the Fryma Koruma MK as an option. This axial milling gap control also allows for an individual adjustment of the shear and cutting forces during a production run, directly influencing the product properties and particle sizes, the manufacturer states.

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